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1. Why do I need you, can’t I just do this on my own? 
are many rules, regulations and pitfalls in the senior living arena, we have spent decades in this industry- we have the experience, connections, do the homework and ensure that the communities that you choose are safe, ethical and provide the services that you need. We save you valuable time and money by don’t the investigative work for you, we don’t work for anyone but YOU, and so we work hard to ensure that all your needs are met and you find a Happy Home with as little headache as possible!

2. How does A Happy Senior Home find the best home for my loved one?
Each community has its own unique services and “personality” - we routinely visit the local communities and meet with the staff to ensure that your requirements are met, and that it is a great fit for you and your loved one. We also advise you on the level of care offered, pricing and the safety record of each community. We only recommend communities that provide the highest levels of care, if we wouldn’t want to live there- we don’t recommend them to you.

3. When is it time for my loved one to move into an assisted living community?
Ultimately this is a decision to be made with family and those close to you, we can and will help council you and your family with this decision, as experts in this process here are few indicators to look for:

  • If your loved one’s safety, health, emotional, or physical well-being are at risk or something that you are concerned about, then its time to explore options. We will meet with you and offer solutions and resources, oftentimes home health or a medical social worker can help out tremendously, we can recommend qualified professionals to assist you if needed.

  • If your loved one is having difficulty just doing daily activities such as going to the bathroom, taking out the trash, washing clothing, getting dressed, etc- then it is time to give us a call for help.

  • If your loved one is lonely, isolated or a “shut-in” and is having trouble keeping up with the basics of life, then a call may be in order- we are standing by, ready to help you.

  • If your loved one is forgetful, having difficulty remembering things or gets lost inside or outside their home, then it is time to call for help.

Our goal is to assist families in ensuring that the family unit is kept strong and vibrant during changing circumstances, we pledge to give you access to the best the Metroplex has to offer when it comes to resources for seniors.

Providing the right level of care combined with the right living arrangement will not only keep your loved one safe, but will add to the quality of their life and provide for their mental and physical well-being. We know who to call and who can help!

4. What is the cost of assisted living?
The costs vary across the Metroplex and each community is different depending on services offered and levels of care provided. An average room in an assisted living community in DFW would be anywhere from $4500.00/month to $9000.00/month. We work with you to ensure that the best options for your budget are presented, and you make the decision after visiting the communities. Residential rooms ( a room in a private home ) can be a more cost effective option, but may not offer the amenities of a larger assisted living community.

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